User Experience, Tablet & Mobile App


BGB was eager to make their robust cocktail library accessible on mobile devices.  

TEN understood the true objective to be increasing usage occasions for BACARDI Rums.


Most everyone is familiar with this iconic global brand. What consumers didn't know, was that BACARDI Rums are highly mixable, and that there are literally hundreds of ways to mix this versatile spirit.  

Many consumers only think of two cocktails when they think of Bacardi:  the Cuba Libre and the BACARDI Mojito. 

The Bacardi MIXMASTER Mobile App

The Bacardi MIXMASTER Mobile App

TEN didn't want to simply build a searchable library of cocktails because consumers wouldn't know what to search for!  Instead, we built a robust recommendation engine that surfaced new cocktails for users to try - whether it be trending cocktails around the world, those based on flavor profile preferences, or recommendations from friends.