Digital Strategy and Ecosystem

The KAEC Home Page

The KAEC Home Page

In 2006, KAEC (King Abdullah Economic City) launched to promote economic diversity in the kingdom. The world economic crisis hit, and progress stalled. Perceptions of the viability of this City of the Future began to suffer. TEN was enlisted to build a website to convey a communication strategy that the City was "Moving Forward"

We realized our challenge to be: 
Changing perceptions by being transparent about all the recent progress in the City.

The KAEC "Living In" Page

The KAEC "Living In" Page

We know perceptions will not change solely based on a new communication strategy and website.  We needed to sincerely deliver the "Moving Forward" promise.

People's perceptions are more likely to be changed when you involve them into the project.

The King Abdullah Port

The King Abdullah Port

By entrusting the community, we inspire progress. With participation comes passion.  We had to put participation at the core of our experience strategy.  

"Moving Forward:  Together" 

It wasn't our job to define what The City can be, it was to allow The City to define it for themselves.

We designed an entire open data digital ecosystem for this nascent City of the Future: