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The TQL Home Page

The TQL Home Page

TQL is one of the largest freight brokerage companies in the country. They employ over 2,000 logistics professionals to run their fast-paced and efficient operations.  They came to us to revamp their Jobs site because they could not hire fast enough. “Help us get more applications” was their initial request.  But during our Consensus phase we uncovered the fact they got several hundred applications per month, hired only about 30, and less than 50% remained on the job for longer than 6 months. 

As a result, we realized that TQL’s challenge was: 
Not attracting more applications but attracting candidates that were most likely to succeed.

The TQL About Us Page

The TQL About Us Page

Who were the people most likely to succeed?  

As we saw it - it was people like the people who were already enjoying success as freight brokers at TQL.  So, we asked for access to their top 10 performers and conducted the DISC assessment on them to uncover the common characteristics of these high achievers.  The DISC assessment is a behavior assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Marston.

The DISC assessment made it clear that the people most likely to succeed at TQL were high in Dominance and low in Steadiness - the “D” and the “S” of DISC. 

This told us that they would be attracted to a workplace that included power and authority, prestige and challenge, opportunity for individual accomplishments, and freedom from controls and supervision.

The TQL Corporate Responsibility Page

The TQL Corporate Responsibility Page

TQL’s existing approach was very much focused on “team work”, directly at odds with the characteristics from the assessment.

This led us to a content strategy with a tone that was direct, adventuresome, decisive, and spontaneous. 

And focused on the individual, rather than the team.