The "Sun Speaks"

Solar Gard, a manufacturer of window film, approached TEN to take their B2B business B2C.  You know that window tint for your car... did you know they make it for homes and businesses too?  

Neither did anyone else.

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We learned that while members of the trade (architects, designers) know about architectural window film, the average consumer isn’t even aware it exists.

We recognized Solar Gard’s challenge to be:
Building awareness for window film with general consumers.





Who do we need to reach and how will we motivate them?

Our research told us that women are largely the decision-makers for home improvement purchases. They do much of their initial research online, and are highly influenced by recommendations of friends. We tried to understand what would motivate these consumers to research window film.


An important truth: Nobody thinks about window film until they need it.


We needed to find a way to put Solar Gard window film into the consideration set. We had to find something that consumers could relate to, that they were exposed to on a daily basis. And whatever this was, it had to be something that could work with a global audience.

We found it.  The Sun.

We introduced “The Sun Speaks”: an integrated campaign platform to “Re-friend the Sun”.

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